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9th - 12th June 2022

Glenorchy, New Zealand

glenorchy_group3 years later, it's happening again. Paint Glenorchy!


4 DAYS TUITION (with THREE teachers!) $700nzd
Required skill level:
Absolute beginners to advanced painters are all welcome.
Painting Medium:
Anything you prefer. Demonstrations will be in oils.

Maximum number of students: 20 (last time it was 30. We're cutting it to 20 so that you get more personal attention.)

Come join Richard Robinson, John Crump and Scott Hamill on this once in a lifetime plein air workshop adventure!

We will be painting at a variety of locations around Glenorchy in the South Island of New Zealand. This is quite literally a painter's paradise! The instructors will help you to improve your plein air paintings with a focus on simplifying the scene and creating strong design with value structure. Other topics of instruction will include color mixing strategies, brushwork, edge control and improving your outdoor painting efficiency.




Um, Where's Glenorchy again?

Click the Map or here to see the live google map.



Daily Schedule

The workshop plan is liable to change due to weather so we're keeping it flexible and will update everyone daily. Suffice to say we will be painting some absolutely stunning locations (often on private land where local connections will get us in) and we'll be sharing with you the best of all our combined painting knowledge.





How you get to and from the workshop locations is up to you. We'll let you know exactly where to park and where to meet each day so you won't get lost, or at least, we'll all be lost in the same place. Whatever you do, don't arrive late because you might miss some golden piece of information that will forever haunt you.
We suggest you book a rental car. We would prefer it if you had a 4WD vehicle. We may not use its 4WD ability, but it's much better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.




Over Glenorchy by Scott Hamill

Accommodation in Glenorchy

We suggest you stay in central Glenorchy.

For accommodation options CLICK HERE



Rees Valley by Richard Robinson

Cancellation Policy

Workshop bookings cancelled more than 1 month prior to the workshop receive a 60% refund.
Workshop bookings cancelled less than 1 month prior to the workshop receive a 20% refund.

That's the fine print to protect our own obligations, but obviously if you cancel your booking and someone else steps in to fill your place I wouldn't need to charge you anything and you would get a full refund, no problem.

No refunds will be given for poor weather. There is provision for indoor painting if the weather is not suitable for outdoor painting. Let's keep our fingers crossed though.

If we have to cancel the workshop for any unforeseen reason we will of course refund all your workshop payment but we can't be held responsible for the cost of your flights or accommodation or rental car.



Earnslaw Station by John Crump


 Routeburn Valley by John Crump

Covid Passports

We do not require you to be vaccinated for covid to join us. However, some of your transport options, accommodations and service providers may require you to show a covid passport. We leave that up to you.


Name Tags

Please do make a nice name tag for yourself so we don't have to show off with our perfect memories. Thanks!



DAY 1: 9th June

9:30am Meet location to be advised. This will give us a chance to say hi and see if anyone wants to carpool. We'll leave to paint at 10am.

DAY 2: 10th June

10am Meet location to be advised.

DAY 3: 11th June

10am Meet location to be advised.

DAY 4: 12th June

10am Meet location to be advised.

6:30pm Dinner at Glenorchy Hotel


Why the 10am starts? We are painting so deep in the mountains that in June the sun doesn't crest the peaks long before 10am. It's very cold before that time. Dress in layers! Also, it gives you time to breakfast and enjoy the cafe dining and have your lunch prepared in time to gather at 10am, check everyone's present and then leave together for our painting spot for the day. 


Got some questions you'd like to ask?

Please do your homework first - read all the info above to learn more and if you can't find your answers there please do contact Richard here or Scott Hamill at or John Crump at

See you there!


Paradise Station by Richard Robinson 




Occasionally someone will cancel, so please do put your name on the wait list!







What to bring

Bring your own art supplies. You can use any medium you like. The demonstrations will be in oils.
The brand of paint is not really important so long as they are artist grade paints. You generally get what you pay for.

Richard's Colors

Titanium White
Bring Alkyd Titanium white if you want your paintings to dry faster for travel.
Cadmium Yellow Light (or Lemon Yellow)
Alizarin Crimson (or Magenta)
Cadmium Red (or Scarlet)
Ultramarine Blue
Phthalo Blue
Yellow Ochre
Burnt Sienna

Scott's Colors
Titanium white
Cad lemon
Cad lemon pale
Gold ochre
Cad red medium
Permanent rose
Ultramarine blue
Phthalo blue

John's Colours
Winsor and Newton, 37 ml tubes, artists quality.
Winsor blue(red shade)
Venetian red
Windsor Green
Titanium white
Cadmium lemon
Cadmium yellow pale
Cadmium orange
Gold ochre
Permanent Rose
Cadmium red

John always uses large brushes – size 12 chisel tip long bristle. Only one small brush– Usually an ox /sable rigger type brush – size 1 or 2.
John uses Liquin Original for his painting medium.

Portable folding easel. Make sure you are set up to combat wind as it may be windy in many locations. If you are bringing a lightweight tripod easel you might want to consider bringing some thin ropes and tent pegs to tie it down with - just in case.

At least 6 painting panels ranging in size from 8x10" to 12x16". (Depends what size you're comfortable painting in a short time outdoors. The instructors tend to paint fairly large - larger than 12x16")
Wet panel carrier.

Note: The instructors will be painting on triple primed linen canvas cut to size from a canvas roll and taped to a board. See how in this video.

Long flat bristle or synthetic brushes No. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12.
For instance the Richard Robinson Brush Set
Liner brush No. 0.
Palette knife.
Black Tombow Dual Brush Pen.
Clear painting medium - Gamblin's Solvent Free Gel or Liquin.
Solvent - Gamsol or similar odourless solvent.
(If you can't bring solvent like Gamsol yourself, we'll supply you with some as needed.)
Paper towels or tissues (for cleaning palette knife and drying brushes).
Pen and pad (if you would like to take notes during demonstration).
Several plastic bags for holding dirty tissues.
Lightweight painting umbrella - optional.

Insect Repellant
Long sleeved painting top
An apron if you're a messy painter
Water bottle.

Flying with Paints
Print out the Safety Data Sheet for Airline Luggage Inspectors: Click here.
Include this printout in your checked in luggage with your art gear.
Do NOT carry any of your painting gear in your carry on luggage.
Note that you cannot carry turps or any other solvents on an airplane, even in checked in luggage.

If this is your first time painting outdoors, please practice setting up your gear and painting with it before you arrive. This will save you precious painting time and precious instructors time!

Contact me if you have any questions.