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Richard Robinson
Richard Robinson
Painter, Teacher & Creator of the Mastering Paint Videos

Hi I'm Richard Robinson. I've been a professional painter since 2001. My claim to fame is only that I'm making a living as an artist and doing pretty well - something which I hear is not so easy to do, and I guess it does take a lot of work, but it's work that I love doing. You can see a selection of my paintings below.

I've been teaching painting nearly as long as I've been learning, and I enjoy helping others along the path as much as I enjoy learning from other artists. I started out in graphic design which is why I enjoy combining my talents in making these video lessons and putting them on the web. So far over a million people around the world have seen my videos, which I think is pretty cool, and I get to meet a lot of them too which is even better.

In my long search for the best painting instruction I discovered Barry John Raybould's Virtual Art Academy course which I believe is the best available online today. I'm very happy to have got to have known Barry personally and to have this opportunity to work with him in developing the Mastering Paint series of videos which demonstrates some of the knowledge and techniques found in his course.

I think every painter soon learns that the journey of learning to paint never actually ends, which is why it's such an interesting adventure, but I'm personally enjoying this opportunity to advance my painting even faster with the help of Barry's course and I'm very happy to be able to share that adventure with you in my videos. It's all about the simple joy of painting, so have a look around the site and enjoy.


Some of Richard's paintings

Pataua South, Oil on Canvas

'Pataua' - Oil on Canvas - 152 x 51cm

Footsteps, Oil on Canvas

'Footsteps' - Oil on Canvas - 122 x 91cm

Evening's Rest, Oil on Canvas

'Evening's Rest' - Oil on Canvas - 51 x 153cm

Sandy Bay, Oil on Canvas

'Sandy Bay' - Oil on Canvas - 51 x 153 cm

Coming Home II, Oil on Canvas

'Coming Home' - Oil on Canvas - 152 x 51cm

Coming Home II, Oil on Canvas

'What a Wonderful World' - Oil on Canvas - 51 x 51cm



Richard Robinson
Barry John Raybould
Painter, Teacher & Author of the Virtual Art Academy Course.

Hi, I'm Barry John Raybould, a professional painter and author of the Virtual Art Academy courses. As well as having many beginner and intemediate painters using my courses to give more structure to their learning, I also have many professional painters using the course materials to strengthen their own painting skills.

I have always admired painters who are continually improving their skills - the greatest master painters always considered themselves students for their whole life. I got to know Richard several years ago after he acquired a set of my online courses and was impressed with his desire to push his own art to an even higher level.

Over the years we got to be friends and we talked about ways of helping inexperienced painters learn more quickly. We came up with this idea of showing painters how a professional painter, such as Richard, actually apply the knowledge in my courses in their own work. The end result was this series of videos of Richard painting in various exciting locations in New Zealand and showing how he applies the principles in my course materials along the way.

Since I wanted to spend more time researching and working on updates to the course materials in order to continually improve them, Richard has been giving me a hand in marketing the results of my research, as well as putting together this exciting series of add-on videos to enhance my core program.

I hope you enjoy the end result! Happy painting!


Some of Barry's paintings

Pataua South, Oil on Canvas

'Maya' - Oil on Linen - 16 x16"



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