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Richard Robinson  
Richard Robinson - Artist

Hi, welcome to Mastering Paint. You've found what I hope you'll stay to discover is perhaps the best painting course available on the internet. I'm Richard Robinson from New Zealand. I've been a professional artist since 2001 and like all artists I'm always trying to do better than my last painting. After many years of searching for the best quality art instruction I chose to use the Virtual Art Academy® course to improve my painting, because as far as I know, it's the best available.

What is the Virtual Art Academy painting course?

vaa course The Virtual Art Academy painting course was created over a ten year period by the international artist Barry John Raybould, M.A. and continues to evolve. He has accumulated the best painting knowledge passed down over the centuries from old master to apprentice from the Renaissance to Modern Masters and created the most comprehensive and well structured self-study program available to students of painting today.

Why is it so powerful for learning to paint?

The Mastering Paint videos you'll find on this website are a unique collaboration between Barry and myself, in that they demonstrate both my own painting style and the knowledge and practical skills taught in Barry's course. With that combination you now have a very powerful learning opportunity that is based on the three ways we learn - reading, watching and doing.

Here's how it works for you…

The 3 Keys to painting better

vaa course Read the Virtual Art Academy painting course.
This covers in a four-year program everything a painter should know.
The deep learning you'll discover here surpasses anything you'll find on the internet today.
dvd   Watch the Mastering Paint videos.
See me demonstrate how all this knowledge comes together in a painting.
brushes   Do the Painting Assignments
and join other students like yourself on the Virtual Art Academy online campus. Once you've read the course and watched the videos, these assignments help you internalize all this knowledge and build your painting skills one step at a time.

Why is it so hard to learn to paint well?

clockMost beginners these days say the biggest reason it's so hard to learn to paint well is that they simply don't get enough time to paint. What I've actually discovered though is that the biggest impediment to learning how to paint well is not how much time we have, it's what we learn in the time we do have. The usual haphazard learning most people attempt means a very slow road to improvement. To improve quickly you need really good teaching and a well structured learning plan. That's exactly what the Virtual Art Academy course gives you.

Join me on the adventure...

If you're really passionate about learning to paint better please do take this opportunity to have a look at the videos available here, sign up for the free lessons, and follow the buttons to learn more about the Virtual Art Academy.

I wish you all the best with your painting adventures.

Richard Robinson


   Student Comments

"For those of you learning to paint, and don't want to shell out 1000's, this is the guy. In each of his videos, there are tons of information. Richard focuses on the Impressionistic style, but the applications of his lessons carry on to any form of painting. I am a professional artist, and every time I watch one of his videos I find something new. I've been told that I was a good teacher but Richard is awesome. Thank You Richard, Randy, USA."

"You are the best art teacher I have ever seen in the past 25 years... I have read hundreds of books but I have to say you have come up with the right approach and the right technique..."
Giacomo, UK.

"Thank you Richard.
I consider myself a very good artist and art teacher and truly,
I think you are outstanding. It is so impressive how you teach and how well you manage your internet creative business too. Great communications and you continue to earn the right to our business. You have won me over in spades. Sincerely, Gary Smith, Canada."

"I joined the VAA at the suggestion of New Zealand artist Richard Robinson, whose video/internet-based courses I'd recently enrolled in. I have wanted to take a comprehensive art course for years but working full-time as well as the lack of courses in my area made this an impossibility. Although I had looked into various art courses offered via the internet they were limited in their offerings the exception of Richard Robinsons' courses. As a "beginner" I required all of the basics such as drawing, notan, values, etc. No online courses I found until the VAA offered this.

Richard's recommendation played a huge factor in my decision to enroll in the VAA. As we are all aware there are many dubious offerings on the internet. The recommendation from such a trusted source made the decision easy. The incredibly affordable cost of the VAA course was also a huge factor in my decision. I am so grateful to be a member/student of the VAA, as well as to Richard Robinson, and of course to Barry.

The courses are comprehensive without being onerous, easy to understand, and to date the support and encouragement I have received from the other students and faculty of the VAA has been incredible. The impossible now seems possible thanks to Barry of VAA and Richard Robinson. Imagine – tuition from two such incredible artists!! Who would have thought? Thank you. Warmest regards and deepest gratitude, Donna, Canada."


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