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Covid19 Painter's Care Package

March 20, 2020
By Richard Robinson
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 Stuck inside? Time to get creative.


Hi All, here's a little something to get you through your self isolation.

Be less crazy, more painty.

Enjoy this ($60 value) gift, for free, and please share if you like it.

All the best,

Richard Robinson

20th March 2020


 Firstly, you'd better calm down...

Now that you're calm, let's start off nice and simple...


Let your mind escape to Paradise...


This one needs a little love, like a lot of things...



And there's all this amazing planet we get to be part of! ...



I hope you enjoy all that. Please share it with a painter friend you care about.

(Scroll up to the share buttons at the top of the page).

All the best, Richard Robinson.



Francetta Bridle 22/01/2021 Hi Richard. Thank you so very much for the Ruakaka workshop and for these very generous free lessons. Thankfully my son is on the mend from Covid as having had a vaccination a week before, this has definitely helped him pull through. Thank you again and my very best wishes to you and your family.
Steinunn Einarsdottir 27/08/2020 Thank you so very much Richard, I will treasure this"<3"
Faye White 30/04/2020 Thank you Richard for the lovely gift. The meditation is definitely something I need when things are not working for me. I appreciate all the art tips and lessons you give - absolutely wonderful. Keep safe, Kind Regards Faye
Linda Cooper 18/04/2020 Thank you so much for sharing so generously your knowledge and expertise with us. Lockdown has done me a huge favour as I have, at long last, the time to sit quietly and start up my love of painting once again. I get quite frustrated with acrylics though, as they dry so quickly so have dug out my oils, but feel like a beginner again, so even more grateful to have your instruction and tips. The meditation was especially beautiful for me, many many thanks. All best wishes to you and your family. regards Linda
Evelyn Tuhi-Herewini 17/04/2020 Thanks Richard, so far have attempted three of these and the walk to the lake Thoroughly enjoying being creative and learning more during lock down, Evelyn.
George Budai 17/04/2020 God bless you for your generosity!
Richard Lane 10/04/2020 Thank you Richard for your generous gift. Stay safe. Regards Richard
Sandra Powers 10/04/2020 Thank you Richard for this gift! I have been trying different mediums during this lockdown😳🇺🇸🥺! It does seem to be endless but I am well and my loved ones are too🙏That is the most important thing to me. Glad to know you are well. I hope to try these lovely paintings soon! Thanks again! Stay safe and well🙏💕🇺🇸
26/03/2020 Thank you Richard... we are also in lock down until 21 April. Thank you for your kind generosity. So appreciated during this depressing time. Take care. Regards Ruby
Gloria Dietz-Kiebron 22/03/2020 Richard you are one generous person, artist and I am looking forward to starting and finishing these paintings. I have closed down our busy gallery and the whole works for a time while we get through the virus here in Brisbane. Many thanks, Gloria
Tim Brazier 22/03/2020 Thankyou Richard
Patricia Sellers 21/03/2020 Thank you so much Richard! This is great I will share :)
Pamela Wissinger 21/03/2020 How very nice to help us share our global creative essence. Thank you for sending out your unique painting light. I caught the message and I have brush in hand,
Gunther Andre 21/03/2020 Hi Richard, very thoughtful present and very generous of you. Good for me but I also good for my grandchildren who wanted to be taught in the past. As I cannot get to them now I passed this on to them and we see what they can make out of this, learning to paint and learning to speak English? Thank you again and all the best. Gunther
Christine Robinson 21/03/2020 This is so gracious, and I LOVE the meditation. I usually paint in pastels, but this wonderful gift has inspired me to try oils for the first time. Thank you!
Irene Kwang 21/03/2020 Thank you so much for your painters care package! Irene Kwang fromTexas
Agustin Malave 21/03/2020 Richard, thank you so much from Madrid, Spain! It is such a joy that in this sometimes closed world of art and artists, there are people like you. All the best! Agustin Malave
David Turner 21/03/2020 Very thoughtful of you - thank you for sharing