Painting is FUN, but it can be TOUGH

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7 Days free, but then you start charging me, right?

Yes, 7 days free access to everything. No, we don't charge you after that. In fact we don't require any payment details to start your free trial - that's how you know we don't charge you afterwards. We don't have your payment details, so there's simply no way for us to charge you. This is totally safe, totally free with no strings attached and no need to continue after the seven days. We just want you to see how good this can be for you (and we want your money)(Gosh see how honest we are!). Go ahead and try us!

What do I get for $20/month?

Glad you asked!

We inspire, encourage and motivate you with...

  • A donkey. Wait, no we don't give you a donkey. BUT, you DO get...

  • Top quality painting lessons. Each video lesson is meticulously crafted to give you the best possible learning experience.

  • Free access to ALL the lessons on mypaintingclub. That's over 100 complete video lessons plus new lessons that are added regularly. Browse through the shop to see all the lessons that you'll get access to. To be clear, when you pay $20/month you won't need to pay anything else to enjoy all our lessons.

  • Every lesson comes with resources including photos and tips and a professional self critique system to help you.

  • Some lessons also come with printable lesson notes for you to download and keep.

  • A monthly online group workshop which aims to challenge you and keep you inspired.

  • 5 student paintings from each monthly workshop get critiqued by the tutor. That's very helpful and it could be you if you join in.

  • Most lessons contains several student critiques for you to learn from. There are 100's of these!

  • Helpful tools like the Gamut Mask, The Ultimate Painter's Tool, and the Mastering Color learning system.

  • Great ebooks for your painting education, including the Painter's Handbook, Robinson's Hawaii, Robinson's Queenstown, California Painting and The Complete Artist's Success Guide.

  • Weekly inspiration and encouragement delivered to your inbox.

  • An unlimited money back guarantee. At any time, for any reason, you can get all your money back, no questions, no problem.

I spend hours trying to find something to paint. How will mypaintingclub help me?

I've been a painter for over 30 years now so I know what it's like: you want to paint something, but what to paint!?

You can go to youtube or spend hours trying to find the perfect photo to paint, but this all wastes LOTS of your precious painting time. When you join mypaintingclub that all changes. You'll simply search for what you want to paint, eg. "beaches" or "flowers" and find what you want from over 100 top quality painting lessons that include all the photos and resources you need to enjoy making a beautiful painting while learning how to paint like a pro. Easy!

No more wasted time scouring the internet for top quality painting lessons or paintable photos. It's all here!

Before you join us, browse the lessons to see what you'll be getting access to.

If you like our style, give us a try for 7 days, totally free, no strings attached.


I struggle to find the time to paint. Can mypaintingclub help?

NO!.... Wait, YES WE CAN! :-) 

The problem of time is actually, usually, the problem of inspiration and reminders.

You're not inspired to paint all the time, and you don't always remember to paint.

Let's say for instance that you have Sunday afternoon free to paint. You go for a walk instead. Monday morning comes around and you think, 'Gee I should have done some painting yesterday - I had the time, but didn't think of it!'

You just need a reminder to paint and a touch of inspiration.

When you join mypaintingclub that's exactly what we give you - weekly email inspiration and reminders that hey, you could be painting right now!

Problem solved. You're welcome.


Can I download these video lessons?

No, sorry we don't allow downloads in order to avoid piracy.

You can watch the video lessons anywhere that you use the internet as long as your premium membership lasts.

If you purchase any lesson individually (with or without a premium membership) you'll have continued access to that lesson no matter whether you cancel your premium membership or not. I wouldn't say forever, but you know, as long as I continue breathing for instance, and then some.


What if I don't like it? Can I get a refund?

If you don't like it we'll have you locked up for your own safety.

Wait, no, you're totally allowed to not like it. As much as you like.

And of course you can have a full refund at any time.

You don't even have to give a reason - just say 'hey Richard,  gimme back all that money I gave you.'

And I'll say, 'Done.' No questions, no problem.

Why? Because I'd MUCH rather have a happy ex-customer than a non-happy ex-customer. Much much much.


Now you don’t have to do it all on your lonesome!