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Single or Group Painting Workshops with Richard Robinson

Group Workshops


Online Monthly Group Workshop

Sorolla with Richard Robinson


Learn to paint like Joaquín Sorolla.

Join New Zealand artist Richard Robinson in exploring step by step the painting techniques and processes of one of the greatest painters the world has ever known – Joaquín Sorolla.

Discover why generations of artists have revered his work and been inspired to paint with more colour, more passion and more life.

In the great tradition of master to apprentice learning, now you too can learn the secrets of Sorolla’s highly acclaimed alla prima style of painting. Follow along as Richard reveals step by step how Sorolla painted and learn how you can apply these timeless painting techniques to your own work

“It is only by standing on the shoulders of giants that we can reach heights we never thought possible.”

Learn About
- Sorolla’s materials and techniques
- Drawing and composition
- Creating subtle light effects
- In-depth colour mixing
and LOTS more!

At the end I'll choose 5 student paintings to critique and they will also be included in the International Artist magazine. Enjoy!



Only available to premium members for $20usd/month. 

(The Free Trial is only available once per user for 7 days. After that you'll need to pay for premium access to access the monthly workshop.)

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Each year I teach a few workshops in various locations. I've taught in New Zealand, Mexico, The French Alps, Australia, Hawaii, USA, Canada, Italy and Spain. 

Want me to teach a workshop in your area?

Simply contact me and we'll see what we can arrange. I'm happy to fly to anywhere in the world to teach (when covid allows) - just let me know where you are and how many people you could organise to join us. It's not as difficult as it sounds - just contact a local painting group if you're not already in one and put the idea to them.


For instance to fly to the United States for a workshop I would need about 10-15 people for a 2 day class paying $150USD each per day. The closer you are to New Zealand (where I live) the cheaper the workshop would be - Australia would cost about $120AUD each per day. Within NZ is about $100NZD each per day.



Contact me to talk about a organising a group workshop.




Private Tuition


For anyone wanting to develop their painting skills rapidly, a one on one day course with me could be just what the doctor ordered. We'll usually start outdoors where you'll learn about WHY things look like they do and how to translate your perceptions to paint on canvas. We can also paint in my studio.

The tuition will be tailored to your skill level - even if it's your very first painting. It's a fun and engaging day and your brain will be bursting with information by the end of it. My goal is to thoroughly inform and inspire you to greater things.

Individual Cost: $350
With a friend: $450

I can supply all or any materials at very cheap prices.

You will need...
All your painting gear
Outdoor easel
Sun Umbrella
Insect repellant
Sun Hat
Sun Screen
Long-sleeved shirt
Roll of toilet paper/rags
Plastic bag for rubbish
Swimsuit if you want to swim

Contact me to arrange a day course or to find out more.