Painting Glowing Color

July 3, 2020
By Richard Robinson
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Learn how to make color glow in your paintings.

Ever admired paintings that glow with color? Take this lesson to learn how to achieve this beautiful effect.


Student Critiques


 Apple in red, oil, canvas, 20 cm x 20 cm by Elena Sokolova
Hi Elena, nice work - certainly some strong colour there and great gestural brushwork. Note that some of your large background glowing strokes from the apple seem separated from the apple because of the hard edge between the apple and the stroke. By softening that edge the glowing strokes will look more like they are coming from the apple instead of sitting behind it.
Apple glow 5”x5” oil on canvas by Dee Duke
Great painting Dee - you're really getting the sense of light falling across the form. You've broken the edges well - in a random fashion. It looks like a high key painting (with no intense darks) and that may be a result of the photographing of your painting, or the way you chose to paint it. Just note that a stronger glowing colour effect is achieved by using the full value range, with dark darks contrasting the lights.
Three Amigos. 12x12 oil on wood by Dee Duke
Really good colour usage Dee. You've seen those subtle colour shifts well and kept the colour pure through the painting. The glow emanating from the yellow and orange capsicums is subtle and believable but the red glow could do with a little tweaking - just where you have a dark edge between the capsicum and the glow on the upper right edge. Great work!
Orange u glad. 8x10. Oil on canvas by Dee Duke
Great to see you trying different colour notes within the bowl and shadow there Dee! Keeping the value of those notes the same as the surrounding colour is key there and you've done that really well. This is really glowing with colour!