September 4, 2020
By Richard Robinson

“Colour is my day long obsession, joy, and torment.”
 - Claude Monet

Back in 1990 when I started taking my first tentative steps from drawing to painting I remember falling in love with the beautiful painterly work of the Impressionists.

Le Grand Canal by Claude Monet

WOW! Who doesn't love that!?

Back then I thought it was all about the brushwork - so free and passionate!, but I came to understand that it was actually all about the colour.

Vibrant, Vibrating, Singing COLOUR! 

I was in love. But HOW did they do that?

I spent years painting and digging deep into colourful piles of research and eventually started seeing progress in my colour work.

I went from this (my first oil painting)...


To this...


Eventually I started teaching it to others in local workshops.

Then I took a year and built the Mastering Color video course to help other painters discover what I'd learned from so many great teachers and artists.

It was a heeuge success. Since then, thousands of painters around the world have used it to improve the colour in their work. The course continues to be very popular.

But that was 10 years ago.

10 years later, I've continued to paint and study and dig deeper into colour and have learned so much I decided it was time to put it all together into another video course.

That was 1 year ago.

It's taken me that long to build it chapter by chapter and polish it till it was gleaming. 

... AND NOW! I finally give to you...





100 Minutes of expert tuition.
5 Breakthrough color exercises.
8 Key Tips for avoiding muddy color.
82 Pages of printable course notes.
The Gamut Mask online and printable tool is included.

Extend your color mastery with the powerful tools and concepts presented in this revealing course. Enjoy!

1 Two Color Simplicity
Learn how to capture the essence of any subject with simple light and shadow shapes.

2 Digital Dabbling
Learn to use your phone or tablet to improve your painting. Harness these powerful tools to take your art to the next level.

3 Color Moods
Hollywood has mastered the art of manipulating our emotions visually by creating colour moods for each scene. It’s called ‘colour grading’ and you can do it too in your paintings.

4 Glowing Color
Ever admired paintings that seem to glow with color? Learn how to make color literally glow in your paintings.

5 Avoiding Muddy Color
8 KEY tips to avoiding muddy color. Using any of these tips will drastically improve the color in your paintings.



$55 Download
$65 DVD