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Critiques for Water Lilies

June 1, 2021
By Richard Robinson
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Find your peace painting these water lilies inspired by Monet.

Follow me one brushstroke at a time as I take you through the process of creating an acrylic painting which has all the hallmarks of an oil painting. Learn to create large gradations, soft edged brushwork and sparkling impasto highlights.

Good design, accurate drawing, passionate brushwork and a variety of fun techniques are all demonstrated in the video. Enjoy!

Oils are fine for this lesson too.

 Learn About

  • Acrylic process
  • Inventing a scene from scratch
  • Creating a true sense of light
  • Light and water effects
  • Lots more!


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Water Lilies 14x16" Acrylic on Canvas by Richard Robinson


Student Critiques


Water lilies, acrylic with oil glazing, canvas, 40 cm x 50 cm

Artist: Elena Sokolova

Great work Elena. Nothing I would change. Nicely done.



 "Water Lilies" Watercolour & Gouache by Eric Hillmer, Toronto, ON, Canada

Artist: Eric Hillmer

Great to see you working this out in watercolour and gouache, Eric. Really nice effects. Not sure of the odd shapes of some of the lilies - almost as if you're trying to shape them into a larger hidden picture, morphing them out of their natural circular forms. Am I missing something there? Makes for a very interesting painting anyway that I want to keep looking at so that I can decipher it! Good work.



Water Lilies oil on canvas 12x14

Artist: Nancy Newton

Great job Nancy, I'd just offer that if you want a lighter feeling painting you need to add more light, that is, more, or larger water lilies with light on them, as I discovered in the demo painting video.


Water Lilies lesson oil 12x15 (fell off easel face down twice!)

Artist: Jill Frazier

Hi Jill, nice work. Feels a little underpopulated to my eye, edging closer to abstraction, and would like to see a little more information in the top third of the painting. Looks like you had fun though which was the whole point. Great!


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Happy Painting!

Richard Robinson


Nancy Newton 02/06/2021 Richard, my painting is smaller than the others. Is there something I should change in my uploading? I agree with your critique and see the issues. I really like the process of doing the reflection then turning the painting. I'll try it again. It is genius. Also, I'm using oils, because I don't want to change to acrylics. The technique seems pretty good if I use liquin, because it can dry overnight. I really enjoy these classes, even though I haven't submitted all the projects.