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Loose to Looser

April 22, 2022
By Richard Robinson
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iPad sketch using Procreate App


In an effort to change up my working process I've bought a projector and have been playing with projecting my ipad sketches onto the canvas for the intial drawing transfer. It works really well once you get everything in place, but it took about half an hour to achieve it, whereas I could have sketched this simple design freehand onto the canvas within 5 minutes.

Still, the projector gives you a first impression of what the painting will look like on the canvas - the future ghost of the painting. Where the projector would be really helpful is with a complex subject or where it was critical to get the drawing very accurate, like in a portrait.

I bought a bottom of the line $200 projector as this is the only thing I am intending to use it for.


Transferring the design using a projector.


15x24" Acrylic on Canvas

I wasn't happy with the oversimplified forms and brushwork in this version so I painted it all white with gesso and tried again.


15x24" Acrylic on Canvas

This one has much more variety of paint texture and is slightly looser overall, closer to abstraction. Much happier with this one and well worth the re-do.


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