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What a difference a day makes

June 21, 2022
By Richard Robinson
What a difference a day makes logo

Students battling it out on the Glenorchy lake front.

Same place, the next day!

This is what makes plein air painting so wonderful and full of wonder - each day and each moment reveals something different and beautiful about a place and a time and a season. So many opportunities to witness the divisersity of nature and try to express some of that on canvas with colours made from the Earth.


So... I’m finally home after a magical painting expedition and workshop amongst the snow capped mountains of Glenorchy, New Zealand.

Time to reflect on the whole friend-filled adventure and the huge range and depth of emotions generated by such an inspiring trip.


Scott Hamill doing his demo. Nice to be warm!


Me demo-ing. Despite being a last minute change of location due to inclement weather we managed to pull off some technical wizardry. Phew!

My demo...


My finished Demo. "Into the Rees" Oil on Canvas.


John Crump's Demo


Tickly snow people.


Painters in Paradise.


The farewell dinner. Such a hardy bunch!

Looking forward to the next one, (which is in the planning stages).


Happy Painting!





Marvin Lopez 26/06/2022 Will there be any videos on the recent workshop with John and Scott? I would love to see more on it
Evelyn Tuhi-Herewini 22/06/2022 Brings back happy memories from last year, only we didn't have all that snow!