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Painting adventure at One Tree Point

September 27, 2018
By Richard Robinson
Painting adventure at One Tree Point logo

One Tree Point is just 5 minutes drive away, looking down the harbour towards Whangarei. In the summer we go netting for bait here and snorkelling for scallops. On a windy Spring day like this one it's not so good for swimming, but did make a pretty nice painting spot.

We spent 3 hours here painting intently, sharpening our skills, sharpening, sharpening. What I learned again was the importance of shifting elements and lighting around to maximize the potential of the subject - this takes a good amount of practice to do well - the more you have to imagine, the easier it is to get things wrong.

Photo - One Tree Point, Northland, New Zealand


"One Tree Point" 10x8" Oil on Canvasboard


I hope you enjoy this little adventure.

Happy painting,