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Painting adventure at Langs Beach DAY 1

September 27, 2018
By Richard Robinson
Painting adventure at Langs Beach DAY 1 logo

This video is the first of my "Painting Adventures" series. I originally intended this to be included in the first Painting Adventures DVD as the beginners introduction to the more complicated painting on Day 2 at Langs Beach.

BUT, when it came time to burn the dvd I discovered that it wouldn't all fit on the disk! So I figured it would make a nice free lesson as a way of introducing you to the Painting Adventures DVD. I hope you enjoy it.

Photo, Langs Beach, Northland, New Zealand

The small colour sketch.


Get the complete lesson here.

Happy painting,


Graeme Franks 25/07/2019 Thanks for taking the time to create this video. It was really helpful to see your process of transferring what you see into a quick color study. Lots of great tips!