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Be Inspired by Cathedral Cove

September 27, 2018
By Richard Robinson
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I finally got to paint Cathedral Cove after many years of dreaming about it. It's certainly more than I ever could have hoped for - a magical place which looks like God took extra care in carving the rock formations, planting the trees and colouring the water. He even put a waterfall on the beach so you can wash off after a swim - how cool is that!?

I'm hoping this video might help get you painting outdoors if you haven't tried it yet or if you've been taking a break from it and want to get back out there. There may not be a Cathedral Cove around the corner from you but there are beautiful places everywhere you care to look on this wonderful planet. Enjoy!

"Cathedral Cove"


Original Oil on Board


UPDATE! Get the full 82 minute Cathedral Cove painting lesson video here: 


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GEORGE Dalton 23/04/2020 Wow. Hard to find a more beautiful spot to paint - and I live in California! My wife and I visited Australia and New Zealand waaay back in 1984. One of the best months of my life. Here's hoping that you and your family and friends are safe and not bothered by all this business of Covid19. Take care, Richard.