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Stretch Yourself

September 27, 2018
By Richard Robinson
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Hi Everyone,

getting ready to go out painting today I decided to make a small change to challenge myself. I removed all the colours from my bag that I usually use and put in some of those tubes that I had picked up at the shop because I loved the idea of using them, but had never got around to it.

In the end I didn't have any blue at all, just purple and black, some alizarine crimson and cad yellow which I do normally use but hey, I needed some warms, and a phthalo turquoise and zinc white. It was all quite weird but it forced me to really think about my mixtures and I also felt like it gave me a bit more freedom in 'letting loose' and having fun because I was treating it as an experiment and so I wasn't so concerned with the finished result.

For beginner painters I normally recommend just sticking with a few basic colours, getting comfortable with those for a while and then adding an extra colour or two gradually, but for an intermediate painter who wants to shake things up a bit I highly recommend breaking out some alternative colours, or making any other change that keeps the painting process playful and inquisitive.

"Westerly, Waipu Golf Course" 10x8" Oil on Linen by Richard Robinson


Waipu golf course - inbetween squalls.

All the best with your painting,


Kujtim Haderxhanaj 05/06/2021 I am old by years but new / beggining artist in oils, I used your photo and gave it a try, still learning to use my palate.
Pamela Wissinger 18/04/2020 Thanks for sharing another way to stretch ourselves. I find your plein air painting to be harmonious and comfortable to view. It is a fresh take with those juicy brushstrokes. The greens are very appealing with the spurplish shadows. I love the idea of a "limited new palette." There is such classic beauty to this piece. I will give it a try