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May 16, 2019
By Richard Robinson
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With all the distractions of modern life it's often difficult to get your head in the right place to be able to spend some blissfull me-time with your brushes and paints. I invite you to use this custom designed MedARTation for artists to help get you in the groove. Or to simply have a chuckle at my Kiwi accent. Enjoy.

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schlachter roland 01/06/2019 It was at seventy-three that I began to understand the true form of animals, insects and fish, and the nature of plants and trees. As a result, at eighty-six, I will have penetrated deeper into the essence of art. At one hundred years I will definitely have reached a marvelous level, and when I'm one hundred and ten years old, I will draw a line and that will be life. Hokusai (1760 - 1849)
Genevieve Reinke 28/05/2019 Thanks very much indeed, Richard. It's very great and helpful.
Dorian Aronson 24/05/2019 Dearest Richard and Helen I am 100% sure you created the MedARTaton for me alone! Time goes by so quickly! I want you to know I am planning on living another ten so you will definitely see some improvement once I get the brush paintbrush moving. Thank you very much. Dorian
Carole-Ann Maltais 22/05/2019 Thank you Richard! Listened to this sitting on my patio with a warm setting sun, listening to the birds and feeling the nice spring breeze. Best meditation I've had in a real long time. Feel so much better after a long tiring day. Thanks again.