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Nemesh Guided Painting 1

July 16, 2019
By Richard Robinson
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New Beginnings...

'HEART OF WAIMAKARIRI' oil on canvas 51 x 51cm by Vjekoslav Nemesh

''COMPASSION' oil on canvas 22 x 91cm by Vjekoslav Nemesh

When I first started seriously painting about 20 years ago I remember seeing Vjekoslav Nemesh's paintings around the galleries in New Zealand and I was awestruck by their powerful colour and ethereal feel. Through the years they continued to impress and inspire me.

I never met Nemesh. Until 2 weeks ago. I finally gave him a call and told him how much I loved his work. I also shared with him my new idea of helping other professional painter/teachers to record their expertise on video.

Days later I was filming Nemesh in his studio, sharing his 35 years of painting experience. Finally I got to see how he makes all his award winning artworks. These are very unique techniques that he's spent a lifetime exploring and honing.

I recorded and edited it faithfully, collaborating with Nemesh, until we were both happy we'd captured everything we wanted.

And here it is...

In this 54 minute lesson Nemesh not only explains his processes in detail but also the reasons behind his work and his deep abiding love of the creative process.

You'll be introduced to a range of new materials...


Nemesh's unique ideas and techniques...


And have the chance to have fun trying them out for yourself.


Some Student Paintings

by Rochelle De Saint Lorent


by Teresa Trzan


by Jane Crosbie


What I love about Nemesh's painting process is the pure freedom of expression it grants you as a painter. A big part of what you'll learn is being open to your own creative muse and letting the winds of expression take you where they will - a deeply liberating experience.


Guided Painting 1

with Vjekoslav Nemesh

Medium: Oils
Level: Beginner - Intermediate
Length: 54 mins
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