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The secret book project

September 2, 2019
By Richard Robinson
The secret book project logo

I've been quietly working on this children's book project with a friend for over a year now and we're very close to being able to launch it. We've had the first 10,000 books printed in China and they're on their way to in the US now.

Here are a few images from the book, which is all about the power of following your dreams...



Hope you like those!

It's been great to be working in a team, albeit a tiny 2 artist team, still a team, where we could bounce ideas around and make the book get better and better with each revision.

For me it's been a good lesson in character development and stylistic development.The images were painted digitally using a pressure sensitive stylus (apple pencil) on a 12.9" iPad Pro in the Procreate app.

Here's part of the development of the first page:


I'll let you know when the book is ready.


Happy Painting!


Jacque 03/09/2019 Wow! This is just lovely. It has a presence of being very light and airy. A necessary feeling when following your dreams! Well done.
Maria Smith 03/09/2019 This looks fabulous Richard! Look forward to seeing the book
Barbara Haviland 03/09/2019 I love it.