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Inspired Mountains

September 5, 2019
By Richard Robinson
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I’ve been painting with John Crump for, well, I don’t know how many years now. Plenty. Plenty long enough that I should’ve picked up more of his unique painting wisdom. We’ve spent days and weeks painting the mountains of New Zealand side-by-side but most of the time I am so intent on my own painting that I miss out on watching John’s painting techniques.

John is a master painter in every sense of the word and although I have spent many hours admiring his finished paintings, dissecting their inner workings, I now realise that I haven’t spent nearly enough time watching him actually paint. This happened a few weeks ago when I went to his studio to film his latest instructional painting DVD for him. As I watched him paint through the camera lens over three days the penny began to drop.  Then I spent the next week editing the footage into an intense 80 minute workshop focusing on painting with expressive brushwork. Finally I realised how much painting knowledge I had been missing out on. Watching the DVD over and over again as I edited it I began to get the sense that, ‘Hey I could probably do that’.

After the (hugely popular) launch of the Expressive Brushwork DVD last week I finally found time to stretch a large canvas in the studio and get to work on a mountain painting where I could try out my new found inspiration.

What emerged on the canvas was perhaps my best large scale landscape painting to date. As soon as I put my brushes down I took this photo of the painting still wet on the easel and sent it to John with my heartfelt thanks.



It's so easy these days to be inspired and educated by truely great artists. They're just a mouse click away. You only need choose who really inspires you to paint.

To get your own healthy dose of Crump-spiration, here it is...

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Gail Grow 06/09/2019 I’ve watched it three times already. He IS a master and already my paintings are getting better. More, please. :)
Sally Logan 06/09/2019 I had the same inspirational moment whilst watching Expressive Brushworks and did the painting of the rock. The result was awesome (according to the family) and has encouraged me to continue learning to work in oils. Thank you Richard and John, here’s to the next painting!
mary elise marten 05/09/2019 I have just bought "Expressive Brushwork ". I can't thank you both enough for this wonderful DVD. If only it were possible to turn out one a month, but then I wouldn't get any painting done myself!