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3 Paintings from the Deep South

August 19, 2020
By Richard Robinson
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Here are three paintings I managed to squeeze into a family holiday in Glenorchy in the past few weeks. All painted in the great outdoors battling time, weather and insects. Enjoy.

Evening Dusts
Oil on Canvas


Towards Earnslaw
Oil on Canvas


Towards the Rees
Oil on Canvas

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I leave it to you this time to compare the paintings to the photos to see what I changed and what I didn't change. Ask yourself why I might have made a change.

If you think you've got a good idea, please leave a comment! For the most insightful comment I'll give a free painting lesson!

Happy painting,



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Pamela Wissinger 23/08/2020 You brilliantly solved the desire to fit these breath talking mountains onto a human size canvas being viewed from three feet. The way you made the mountain shapes large in the composition and arranged a portal of shapes in which to see them. Shapes from the surrounding landscape were made more interesting and painted in the foreground. The groups of trees were carved into variety of groups with using harmonious colors and highlights. The huge dark hill to the side was given color variegation. Even though the dust clouds are not in the photo you added them from your remembered experience. So you amped up the sense of closeness and smallness and breeziness to help us become interactively involved. All three will cause a pause.
Hazel Persson 20/08/2020 I was very interested in how you dealt with the dark pyramid shape mountain in the painting ‘Toward Earnslaw’. I have similar photos which I have tried to paint from and the pyramid doesn’t look right but by making it smaller and of similar value to the mountains round it it blends in nicely and is not a problem. I’ll be having another try at painting this scene now.
Mary Buenting 20/08/2020 I think that by enlarging the mountains in the background and bringing them closer to the viewer, you have shown us their "majesty" - the landscape surrounding the viewer becomes smaller, and one feels enveloped by the beauty of these grand mountains!! Beautiful...
Mary Diesel 19/08/2020 All three paintings show a remarkable example of shifting to make a better composition. I really like the last one, though because it flattens the scene and so highlights the height of the mountains. Also you've brought the perspective closer to the mountains which makes them even more impressive. The way you treated the light on the trees provides the contrast needed and increases the drama. The stream or river subtley draws the eye into the scene.