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AI - the artist's new powertool

September 17, 2022
By Richard Robinson
AI - the artist's new powertool logo

You and AI

“a painting of a fox sitting in a field at sunrise in the style of Claude Monet” by Artificial Intelligence DALL-E2


If you’ve read the latest headlines about Artificial Intelligence (AI) you may have seen that a company initially headed by Elon Musk called OpenAI has developed an AI called DALL-E2 that can create incredible art with the prompting of just a few words.


“The girl with the pearl earring” re-imagined by DALL-E2


As a professional artist I find this new technology completely mind boggling and concerning on the one hand, but intriguing and inspiring on the other. The creative possibilities here are truely limitless. 


“The end of the world depicted by Homer Simpson” by DALL-E2

You can get on the public wait list to use DALL-E2.


The way I see it, AI is not here to replace artists, it's here to help. It's a tool, and a great one.

Let your imagination run WILD.

To get your first taste of making AI art, here's what I suggest you do. Visit

  1. Create a free account.
  2. Create some amazing artwork by entering text prompts and choosing art styles.

eg.'Glistening Sun'. with art styles: Artstation, Matte Painting, Anna Dittmann, Fantasy Art, Concept Art, Greg Rutkowski, Hyperrealism, Felix Kelly, hyper detailed, Alena Aenami


To learn more about AI and finding your own painting style visit my new course Find Your Style in 7 Days.



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Sushma Sabnis 18/10/2022 Loved your 6x6 feet commission . Thanks for description of the process. V inspiring